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  • Startup Seminars

    Got a startup idea? Let's make it happen!

  • Business Coaching Groups

    You don't have to do it alone...join a small business coaching group!

  • Corporate Consulting

    Let's solve your problems together!

  • One-On-One Business Coaching

Welcome to Modelplay Consulting! The name Modelplay comes from my passion for business models, and the power I've discovered in getting creative with them. Model it, play, refine, test and pivot – it's all necessary in today's business environment in order to stay relevant. What we do in our businesses today can be setting us up for success for years to come!

I am currently accepting names to the waiting list for our Accelerator Startup Seminar, as well as for our Incubtor Business Coaching Breakfast group, so please use the contact page to reserve your spot in the next seminar or coaching group right away.

I also consult in-house to a small number of corporate clients, and offer a limited amount of one-on-one business coaching via Skype, so please get in touch…I'm here to see you succeed, both in business and in life!


Have an idea for a startup? We can help! We work with entrepreneurs to systematically think through, plan and apply their ideas. There are a dozen questions or more which should be considered before investing in a startup. A little foresight goes a long way to making sure you hit the right target. Sign up for a Startup Seminar right away!


Are you alone in your business? Join a team of like-minded business owners with a thirst for knowledge, who are inspired by new business concepts, and love helping each other solve the most difficult problems we all face in our businesses. Join a Business Coaching Group and start benefiting from the group experience now!


Is your business already established, or are you a corporate leader or executive facing challenges in your team? We do in-depth consulting for businesses, corporations and government organisations. Whether you are facing cut-backs, rising costs or restructuring, we can help formulate a strategy to get you through. Get in touch to find out more about our project- and retainer-based engagements.

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