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Modelplay Consulting is a young, energetic business consulting agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate leaders experiment and innovate with their business models.

The success of a business venture can seldom be measured by revenue alone. Modelplay brings an integrated and insightful perspective to the challenges facing businesses, and uses creative processes to uncover opportunities not always apparent from within the business.

We offer a unique blend of consulting and business coaching offerings:

  • – Startup Seminars: seminars for entrepreneurs: a great way to network and be inspired!
  • – One-on-One Business Coaching: personalised coaching via Skype 
  • – Business Coaching Groups: for small-business owners in a collaborative small group setting
  • – Corporate Consulting: for business owners, corporate leaders and teams

Modelplay's founders are Paul and Clelia Frew. Paul and Clelia met at Coastal Church in Vancouver, and were married in 2010.

Paul has spend the past 15 years working in large international corporations, government organisations and small-to-medium size enterprises  (IBM, BAA, Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health). Paul's educational background is a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and Geography, with a Masters degree in City and Regional Planning. He is a voracious reader and podcast consumer, and has a wide range of interests, from business and entrepreneurship, to geopolitics, macroeconomics, global trends, health and fitness and spirituality. Paul has a unique ability to put people at ease, and to lead workshop-style collaboration sessions, with spectacular results. Paul has also been trained in business coaching by the emerging global leader in business coaching, the Shirlaws Group.

Clelia is an Economist by training, and in addition to her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics has earned a post-graduate diploma in International Business Management. With experience in renewable energy, market research and accounting, Clelia has more recenty embarked on training towards her certification in Nutrition Coaching via Precision Nutrition. 

Paul and Clelia live in Vancouver, B.C. with their daughter Bianca, and French bulldog Toast.

Contact us to discover how Modelplay Consulting can help you in your business and in your life! Use the BookedIN button to the right, the Contact form, or simply email me  directly at