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Another Day In Paradise

"Sweat is dripping from your entire body. Your lungs are bursting and your eyes can’t focus – but just for a minute. You stop. You start to catch your breath, the stars you’ve been seeing evaporate, and your heart rate slows. It’s 4 pm and you’ve just returned from your afternoon ritual – a 30-minute run on the beach, wrapped up by a 30-second sprint to your patio.

Shouldn’t you be at the office? Not anymore. Not since starting your business 3 years ago. It took 12 months of hard work to prepare and launch, and another 12 months to realize you needed help – someone who’s been there before, made the mistakes, sees the angle. After hiring a mentor, everything changed. Within 12 months the business was profitable, and another 6 months and it was on autopilot, earning a comfortable six figures a year. Like a spinning top that only needs an occasional nudge to keep it going, you have designed and built a money tree. A mostly automated business system that allows you your most valuable asset – free time.

As an entrepreneur, consultant, business coach, author, songwriter, singer, musician, surfer, mountain biker, husband and father, I also make my own schedule. My day usually starts at 6 am with a quick pre-surf snack, and then a warm-water surf in board shorts and rash-guard at the local beach break. Back at home around 9, I have a proper breakfast of eggs, cottage cheese, avocado, tomato and bacon, with freshly ground coffee and cream – with the family of course. I eat with one eye on my favourite video podcast, Eventual Millionaire hosted by Jaime Tardy (who recently sent me a complimentary copy of her new book by the way – thanks Jaime!). By 10 am I’m having a devotional, reading, praying, meditating or listening to Chuck Missler expand on one of the books of the bible.

By 11:30 or 12 I’m ready to start my creative pursuit for the day…plotting out or systematizing a new startup idea. Maybe songwriting, laying down a new track for the Christian rock album I’m recording. Or it could be writing a chapter for my new book on creating incentive for efficiency in government. Around 3 or 4 pm I come out of the creative haze and need ‘lunch', so a huge salad bowl comes out and gets filled with all kinds of greens and colourful vegetables, nuts, cheese and berries. Throw on some balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, a grilled organic chicken breast and grind in some sea salt, and I’m in heaven.

I usually eat reading, watching or listening, so today it’s the iPad and a kindle book titled 'The Way of the Seal', by Mark Devine – perfect leadership content to integrate into my business coaching program. Five pm rolls around and there’s a honk of a Toyota Sequoia loaded up with a couple of Kona Stinky freeride mountain bikes. My two brothers, David and PJ are here to pick me up for our ride. We free ride the local mountain a couple of times a week, and today is PJ’s turn to drive. A couple of hours later we’re back and I light up the charcoal barbecue to grill some salmon, asparagus and zucchini for the family. They’ve been out on an afternoon hike to the point and back, and burst in laughing and giggling – Bianca, Rachel, Mateo and James. Clelia sets the table while I finish up on the grill, the nanny washes up the kids, and I serve up supper. We hold hands for grace, and then the confusion of a hungry family digging in begins. 

Once we’ve read a family devotional, said our prayers and the kids are in bed, it’s time to have a quick peek at the business…answer any new email queries that the auto responder didn’t satisfy, and check the digital downloads report on iTunes and my website. Jot down a few final plans for my business coaching clients next week. And it’s time to join Clelia on the couch for decaf Americano with cream, and another episode of House. 

Tomorrow afternoon I have a half-day corporate consulting session, so I’ll spend the morning with Clelia and the kids, before I sign in to Skype and start the session. The in-laws are coming by in the evening to babysit, and we’re off to dinner and Cirque du Solei. Phil Collins would be proud…"

Writing an elaborate description of your 'dream day' will tell you a lot about whether or not you’re on track with what you’re currently doing. Ask yourself the question: “Did what I do today bring me closer to my dreams?” If the answer is 'no' for three consecutive days, you may need to consider making some changes. Declutter you schedule, get away by yourself, journal and reflect on a vision for your life – and the goals that would represent achieving your vision. Write them down and start strategizing a path to get there for each one. Before you know it your daily steps will naturally align with where your gut is telling you to go – and you’ll be back on the right path for you.

As a happy bonus, creative writing is also great practice for generating sales copy for advertising that converts. Check out Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman. Happy writing!

Paul Frew
Modelplay Consulting Inc. 
One life. Live it. Give it.


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